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Roof Repair: Need Repairs or a Roof Inspection?

We can remove broken tile or temporarily remove roofing, replace dry rot wood and replace flashing and underlayment, and then put your roof back together.

Roofing By Sierra has trained crews specialized in roofing, and we have trained technicians in carpentry, gutters, painting, and more. We can repair your roof and quickly get your home or business back to a reliable structure and aesthetically-pleasing condition.

Having the trained technicians in different contracting specialties means we can handle your complete repair within our company.

We have a wide variety of roofing products available. So if you have a tile, composition shingle, wood shake or a membrane roof, we can help you.

Here's how we repair your roof:

  1. We remove your old roofing material, fascia and plywood, gutters, underlayment, etc, protecting your landscape and structures and interior surfaces as necessary.
  2. We haul away all debris.
  3. We install new plywood, fascia, etc. as needed, and replace or reinstall gutters.
  4. We install a new composition shingle, tile, or membrane roof.
  5. We prime and match paint all new exposed wood.
  6. We clean completely every day and thoroughly clean at end of job.
  7. We use only 30 lb. felt and the highest grades of lumber, pre primed fascia (there are many lesser grades), and the highest grades of primers and paint.

The best way to deal with a leaky roof is prevention. Have us come and inspect your roof before the rainy season. We also can set up an annual inspection for a roof that is "getting up in years".


If your roof needs replacement, we can give you choices that fit both your budget and what your house needs in terms of the structure, durability, and aesthetics. You might need a concrete tile or lightweight tile roof. Or a composite shingle roof. Or a membrane roof if your house has a low-pitch roof.

More than simply replacing your roof, we repair any dry rot and do all types of carpentry. We also replace vents and sheet metal flashing, install seamless gutters and downspouts, as well as install doors and windows.

Need to insulate the attic? We'll do it. Want a new solar attic fan? Yes. Tubular skylights to bring more light into dark interior spaces? Yes.

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