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Roofing Types/Materials

Composite Roofing


By far the most popular roofing material. Comes with a 30-year, 40-year, 50-year and limited lifetime warranted.

Shingle roofing: dimensional or designer shingles provide more dimension and class. They also carry a higher price tag.

Wood Shingle (Shake) Roofing


Most city building codes require wood roofs to be "fire treated". Most wood shakes have around a 10" exposure and are installed over 30 lb. felt.

Tile (Ceramic) Roofing


If you have a wood or a composition shingle roof and want to upgrade to tile, we can usually install a lightweight tile roof with some minor adjustments to your roof framing.

Flat (Modified) Roofing


Modified roofing is made by many manufacturers, including "hot mopped" or with an adhesion that is self-adhering so no heat is necessary. Modified roofing is used on patio covers, flat roofs and commercial applications.